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Spaceflight in 2017, part 1: Earth-centric edition

It should be a lot of fun watching the two SmallSats come together for the first time. While we're on the subject of SpaceX, the latest NASA commercial crew schedule shows the company's new Crew Dragon going on its first uncrewed test flight this year. SpaceX and Boeing crewed flights have slipped to 2018, but we still might get to see the enhanced Dragon in action. A SpaceX Falcon Heavy interstage is prepared at the company's rocket factory. India is aiming to debut its new GSLV Mark III rocket in January. The Mark III had a successful test flight in 2014, and now it's almost ready for regular service. India refers to the Mark III as a heavy class rocket, though by worldwide standards, it's still pretty light-lift: 8 metric tons to low-Earth orbit.  China is set to perform an uncrewed, on-orbit fueling demonstration of its Tiangong-2 space station in April. This is a final, critial milestone before the country starts building its multi-module station in 2018. This year will likely see the final two launches of United Launch Alliance's iconic, Delta II rocket. Its final missions from Vandenberg Air Force Base are the JPSS-1  and ICESat 2  satellites in the second half of 2017. The Delta II has been in service since 1989, but has gradually been supplanted by the Delta IV and Atlas V.  A Delta II rocket sits on the pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base prior to the launch of the NPP Earth science satellite in 2011.

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